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Segment 359: You’ll Want To Getting My Cover!?

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It gradually established acquiring later into night.

Mika and Nozomi went back to their own residency.

Shika showered first, and then Seiji showered after.

As he was finished with his shower, his or her embraced young sis pulled on him and encouraged him to the room.

“sister Seiji… for you.” She given him a white surprise package.

Seiji thanked this model and been given it. As he established they, the guy observed which provide was a black coat.

He or she wear it instantly and felt it absolutely was a fantastic sizing.

“This fits myself absolutely, and sounds very wonderful.” Seiji beamed since he instructed this to Shika. She next abruptly strolled close up to your, achieved out, and straightened their neckband.

This individual seen something comfortable within him or her while he examined his own adopted relative’s spectacular face from this a close extended distance, observing this model delicate concept.

This Individual cannot let but remember that desire of hers that he experience on her behalf [Gift-Giving Cards]…

He or she eventually got an urge to hug their, but this individual reserved himself.

Shika didn’t cool off after aligning his own collar. She lasting evaluate their face, with things flashing within her vision, like she planned to state some thing.

Seiji thought their heartbeat cultivating higher.

“I want to be together with you…” she claimed as her face did start to clean red. Immediately, she prevented their look. “along… like this.”

“support with each other along these lines… for a long time.”

Seiji weren’t aware what you should declare only at that.

The man saved mobile his palm, clenching his fists securely being suppress the thoughts within themselves.

“Yep, definitely.” This individual beamed. “we will regularly be collectively.”

After exiting Shika’s area, Seiji decided this individual desired to play themselves awake. However, also the man themselves failed to understand why this was.

As he returned into the lounge, this individual experience Chiaki playing a video clip match including Reo.

Seiji informed Reo commit capture a shower, and she obediently put-down the video game control and headed to take a bath.

Chiaki handed Reo’s match operator to Seiji.

The guy enjoyably accepted the control and accompanied the battle.

Chiaki made use of a red-headed guy with a white in color shirt, while Seiji employed a blonde boyfriend with a reddish top. These people vigorously combated both in the tv screen, yelling out numerous approach name.

Chiaki put a supreme fight, but she ended up being plugged. Seiji countered with combining trip that beautifully KO’d and in some cases overkilled their personality.

The two played many units, collectively rounded closing in Seiji’s win with a capability.

“you do not run effortless on me personally at all. Such a vicious dude that you are.”

“its a fighter’s approach display admiration by went all-out anytime!”

“I really don’t want such type of regard, go smoother on me!”

Seiji presented with pride and haughtily.

Chiaki required a change of game titles after looking at it wouldn’t be easy for the to acquire with this one.

Seiji quickly acknowledged.

And, he had been viciously beat!

“Haha, merely possessing those number of guidelines, just how pitiful

“Wah… really it! Just how low people!”

“dialing the winner minimum is nothing much more than the wailing of a loser canine, simply bark like this! Hahaha-“

Chiaki pretended for some evil feminine opposer, and imitated the classical three repeating cackles from some animes as she searched condescendingly down upon loser puppy Seiji.

Seiji did their best recoup his own losses.

Any time Reo end them shower enclosure, this challenge modified from a 1-on-1 duel to a three-way free-for-all.

That they had fun trying to play against one another until it absolutely was bedtime.

Seiji explained Reo to have in bed and go to sleep 1st, while he added in another layer and rest up to Chiaki inside home.

“due to this devices, i will be capable survive cold temperatures securely! Thanks such to suit your help, principal Lieutenant Haruta.” Chiaki beamed and bowed as she acknowledged those things.

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